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Flock of Gulls Mug

Flock of Gulls Mug


Tea with the Gulls wherever you find yourself. Our Flock of Seagulls design has coastal blue birds swooping round and over the top of the mug. Sip your tea and imagine the cry of the gulls on the breeze as the waves break on the shore. 


Life is too short for small cups of anything, so we have selected a mug that won't leave you reaching for a refill and the fine bone china will put some luxury into your break.


Individually they look great; gathered together on a shelf, they make a lovely coastal display. Next to our jugs, bowls, and trays, they look stunning.


Dishwasher Friendly. This Flock of Gulls mug comes beautifully presented in a white box and can be gift-wrapped if required.


Dimensions: H 91mm W 84mm C 245mm. Capacity: 375ml

Only 4 left in stock
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