Jersey Sea Salt Infusion Bundle
  • Jersey Sea Salt Infusion Bundle

    Enjoy all our infusions in three handy 100 gram jars. A great bundle to introduce you to the amazing flavours of Jersey Sea Salt.


    Also the perfect size to take on board flights or to offer as gifts for that someone special.


    The bundle comprises of:

    1x Jersey Sea Salt Original - 100g
    1x Crushed Black Pepper Infusion - 100g
    1x Crushed Chilli Infusion - 100g


    Jersey Sea Salt is Rich in Trace Minerals.


    High-quality, unrefined sea salts typically contain a minimum of 60 trace minerals. The minerals it contains include Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Zinc and Iodine, which are all beneficial for a healthy diet. 


    Due to the mineral rich waters of Jersey and the process in creating Jersey Sea Salt, the results are an unrefined, organic sea salt rich in beneficial minerals.