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Smoked Jersey Sea Salt

Smoked Jersey Sea Salt


When creating our smoked salt, we experimented with so many variables of wood, smokers and times to get the optimum flavour now present.


There’s something magic about a whiff of fire in our food. According to Charles Spence, professor of experimental psychology at Oxford University, it may be that “evolutionarily speaking, fire and smoke signal meat roasting, so we may have been programmed to find them desirable in expectation of what is to come”. 


We only use locally sourced Jersey Oak with our process and when smoked with our salt, imparts a rich smoky flavour and aroma.


This could be one of the most versatile ingredients that you have in your larder. It goes brilliantly with any dish that requires that smoky flavour that real grilled flames impart.


Our smoked salt gives vegetables, fish, pasta and meat an enhanced soft delicate smoky taste.  Adding it to a traditional bloody mary will put your taste receptors into overdrive.



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