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Now that my children have 'flown the nest', I decided to get in touch with my creativity again and explore what the world had to offer. This is where Creative Cottage was born. 

As I'm lucky to work from home, where you can normally find me working until the early hours of the morning, creating or experimenting with some form of medium that has inspired me that day. I find inspiration through past experiences, social media channels or just merging materials to see what the outcome is. 

Over the last few years, Creative Cottage has developed in many new and exciting ways.  2020 has been the year that I have achieved my dream of opening my own gift shop and you can now visit Creative Cottage in St. Peters Jersey. The Creative Cottage is bursting not only with my own creations but that of fellow Jersey artists, bringing you a wide range of trinkets and gifts.


My products are also stocked at The Harbour Gallery, Co-Op stores across Jersey, CI, Jersey Museum, Holme Grown & Jacksons Yacht Services. I have shipped many of my products worldwide, as far as Canada and Australia, and I always feel overwhelmed when someone purchases a product and sees value in my work. 

In September 2020, I decided to set up a Creative Cottage shop to provide other local creators with an opportunity to sell their products to locals and tourists visiting the island. If you want to view their products, please pop into the shop on Rue De L'Eglise, St Peter, Jersey (the old Soundwave shop). 

If you would like to get in touch and discuss a custom piece using one of the products available in my shop, email me here

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